Top 4 Reasons To Order ReneeGourmet

El Cerrito, CA


#1 Ready When You Are

Pre-heat your oven to 425! You can sink your teeth into a crispy crust within 11 minutes of popping a ReneeGourmet pizza in the oven.

#2 Taste

We use quality ingredients with careful preparations. For example, our brown button mushroom topping is sautéed in EVOO and hand-chopped fresh garlic before topping your pizza.

#3 Healthier

Using quality ingredients and culinary skill means we do NOT need to rely on the “Fat, Sugar, Salt” trifecta. Admittedly, we haven’t done any fancy testing but we’re confident you’ll find ReneeGourmet foods a healthier alternative to typical delivery options.

#4 We Are Local

You are supporting an El Cerrito business. We generally deliver to El Cerrito and surrounding areas within 30 minutes or less.

Hungry For Pizza or Pasta?


ReneeGourmet no longer has same-day delivery. We'll contact you to schedule delivery. Questions? Please email Renee: