From Our Family To Yours

El Cerrito, CA

ReneeGourmet Family Photo

Hi. We’re the Thomas Jacobs family and we have a passion for good food and good times with our family and friends. ReneeGourmet™ is our way of sharing that passion with you. For more than 20 years, Renee has been bringing people together to enjoy her lovingly prepared culinary creations, so among family and friends she’s long been known as “Renee Gourmet.” Through ReneeGourmet™, our family business, we’re delighted to share Renee’s handcrafted creations with you.

We know that by coming together to share a good meal people can strengthen their families and help build healthy communities. We also know that finding time to prepare a good meal can be difficult. At ReneeGourmet™, our mission is simple: We strive to feed family time with handmade, ready-to-bake meals that make it easy to bring your family to the table and are sure to leave them smiling.

We look forward to feeding you!

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El Cerrito, Albany, Kensington, North Berkeley, Richmond Annex

ReneeGourmet no longer has same-day delivery. We'll contact you to schedule delivery. Questions? Please email Renee: