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Handcrafted pizzas and pastas from your own oven… without the hassle!

What Our Customers are Saying

This is NOT your usual pizza delivery.  The pizza rivals dopo or chez panisse with unusual ingredients, e.g., squash, pancetta etc.

Perfect crust.  Excellent ingredients.

Very professional, courteous & efficient staff.  Delivery in 1/2 hour, pop into the preheated oven (per instructions over the t/c) & voila – excellent meal.  I plan to place an order to keep on hand in the freezer for unexpected guests.

Deborah K.

I was super skeptical when I first saw the pizzas. I don’t know there was something about the look of the pizzas that didn’t impress me but once I baked them. WHOA. Flavor explosions in my mouth the spicy sausage was extremely delicious. I have yet to try the classic pizza but I hopefully will eat it this weekend. Since there is a lack of delicious pizza places in El Cerrito, this is definitely now my number 1 choice!

Grace C.

Being lactose intolerant, I do not get to enjoy pizza often.  But ReneeGourmet is awesome.  I love the quality of ingredients in Renee’s pizzas.  These pizzas are about as close to homemade you can get.  I am done with Domino’s.

My kids love Renee’s Mac & Cheese too. Definitely worth a try!

Chris K.

Great service and excellent food. Nice to pop into the oven and presto done. Really good food for the convenience. Yes it’s pizza but when pressed for time the quality food and it’s convenience is really superb.

Atlan K.


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